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Vietnam Collection Grows

Hi Everyone, I've managed to develop a few more shots taken on our recent trip to Vietnam, mainly around the Hoi An area, these you can find on the site in the gallery section. Let me know if you like the shots, I've created a few of the images into B&W as it portrays the…
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Vietnam Trip

Hi Folks, We've just returned from a trip to Vietnam, and I've given my Canon 5D Mark 3 a real workout. I love this camera, the image quality is fantastic allowing me to capture some great shots whilst in Vietnam. I'd wanted to visit there for sometime, as in the early 70's I just missed…
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New Camera Work Out

Well folks, i finally got the new Canon 5D mark 3 camera to replace my trusted 7D and lately I've been out testing it on just about anything that moves. I've had to adjust my technique a bit but I have now begun to appreciate the difference in full frame vs crop frame sensors. The…
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Welcome to my new web site

Hi and thank you for visiting my new web site, here you will see a selection of the newest and best images I've taken. Please feel free to browse the site and view the images, they are all for sale and I'll also be releasing a selection of limited edition prints, that will be available…
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